The True story of the Bariire Operation on 25 August 2017


The True story of the Bariire Operation on 25 August 2017

Firstly, we are so  much distressed by Habar Gidir clan propaganda and pressure in their attempt to destabilize the Somali Federal Government. The indigenous  community groups hailing from Southwest Somalia both inside and and Diaspora are very much supportive  for the current joint military operations against Al-Shabab and supports which is going in Lower Shabelle region. As its being accounted,  Alshabab is responsible overall the insecurity and  limited access of the vulnerable people to aid assistances people in the Lower Shabelle  region as in other south west regions.

Secondly, we  would like to deeply express our feelings for the success of the recent joint military operations in Bariire area of Lower Shabelle region which we believe that it was a good step taken towards cleaning Al-Shabaab and any other armed groups that are playing double standard roles to hinder the peace and stability in the region and the future development of Lower Shabelle region.

What we know  about the ten people killed in these military operations in the early Friday 25 August 2017, which was  conducted in Barrire by the joint team is that the group were Al shabab and collaborators.  According to the local communities in the area,   the ara is occupied  by Al-shabab and some other armed grops having  close relations with Al-Shabab.  The local communities believe that  these groups are  part of Al-Shabab and have been harming communities in these area for a long time. According to the indigenous communitues, these clan militia are from central regions and they were led by two persons namely Hussein Mooriyaan –a person forcibly occupying a farm and Ali Waal – an Al Shabab member and at the same time member of the clan militia operating in the area for land looting

Unfortunately, after this military operations in Bariire area, it was very surprised to hear from some of the Somali  top military  commanders such as General Ahmed Jumale (Irfiid) and other  Habargidir clan leaders and politicians in Mogadishu those we thing are responsible of the insecurity  in lower Shabelle region decided to portray the  successful operation as criminal action killing innocent civilians and give a false image to the local media and the world regarding the military operation against Al shabab in Bariire area.

Reliable sources and  informations from  local communities in Lower Shabelle  said that these 10 persons died in this joint military operation were armed those were presence in  these farming land in Bariire. The farm they were occupying they used to prepare and organize military operations  against the Lower Shabelle communitiy resistence, AMISOM and the federal government troops in Mogadishu as well.  Additionally, they were  responsible many killings,  hijackings, looting  and other inhuman actions in the region. It was almost the most active hub of the terrorists in region.

Very strangely, the commander  of Somali Army Jen. Ahmed Jimale (Cirfiid) – a Habar Gidir fellow decided to spread a false statement in social media about these 10 persons died in these operations and claiming that they were civilians. Surprisingly, his statement contradicts the earlier statement from Somali Federal Government ministry of defense, Mr. Abdirashid Abdullahi  who confirmed that these 10 persons died were armed and they had confrontations with  the government troops in Lower Shabbelle and were them who started shoting when they have been asked to put down the arms.  This is a very clear indications that  a top military  officer in the Somali federal government is backing upp Al-shabab while defending his Habargidir clan interest using his crucial and  important position and playing so important role in the Somali National Army. It is very sad  backfiring the efforst of Somali Federal Government and International community in the attempt to faight and terminate once and for good Al shababa and supporters. And this puts in the question of about how the Somali Government and International community can win fighting gains AL-Shabaab if top Somali Army Commander is against military operations to wipe out Al-Shabbaab?

The report by US AFRICOM is true. These people were Al shabab and supporters.

The Blame of Habar Gidir –a warmonger clan is basless all those who were fighting and have been killed were all Al shabab. Al Shabab are very notoriouse to recruit children as soldiers and all of the ten were not Habar Gidir as per the below list.


Magac Clan Estimated age
1 Cali Aadam Axmad H Gidir 43
2 Cali Cabdi Ibraahim H Gidir 60
3 Max’ed Talaasow Cabdi Jiiddo 13
4 Max’ed C/hi Cali H Gidir 60
5  Xuseen Qamiisow Macaani Awrmale 13
6  Isaaq Cali Haaruun Garre 60
7 C/qaadir C/hi Diiriye H Gidir 40
8  Saney Jaamac Warsame H Gidir 18
9 C/fataax Yuusuf Cabdi H Gidir 40
10 Maxamed Max’ud Yuusuf Mirifle 31


It is unacceptable that Habar Gidir clan threatten the Somali President, Prime Minister and Minister of defense of Somali Federal Governmnet to obey their request in order to gain their clan goals and interets both in the government and in Lower Shabelle region. Using as pretext of killing innocent civilians as we are hearing, to stop the propaganda and pressure, Habar Gidri is going now to bargain with the governmnet to burry these land looting thugs and terrorists they are asking from government the following:

  1. To make responsible a Habar Gidir Official and militia for the operations in Lower Shabaelle region aginst Al shabab and to replace General Sheeghoow – the current commander of mixed Somali National Army (SNA) leading the operation in Lower shabelle region.
  2. To be given the Ministry of interior of the Somali Federal Government and they have to pinpoint the person to be nominated for them.
  3. To stop the excuting of Axmed C/laahi Caydiid – the muderer of the then Minister of Public works and housing of the SFG Aabbaas Abdullahi Siraaji
  4. To chase the Minister of defense and the minister of information of the SFG because they told the truth that those died in Bariire were Al shabab and suporting armed groups
  5. The SFG to play leading role to eramark and legalize the Habar Gidir occupation in the farm lands they are forcebily occupying now.
  6. To jointly cooperate the SFG and the ISWA to give Habar Gidir key adminstrative positions from the managment of Lower Shabelle region at regional and district levels which will facilitate the clan to legalize and denfed its occupied farm lands and other intersts.

Habar Gidir – a warmonger clan vowed that If the Somali Government (the president and prime minister) reject these rquests Habar Gidir clan will contiue the propgaanda and probably may start fighting to topple the government.And this is their unanimous consesus at all levels Elders, Politicians, Bysinees people, warloards and militia.

Lower Shabelle indigenous people welcomes any operation to wipe out Al-Shabab presence in the region. We kindly request to expedite the ongoing efforts to establish and form security forces and its commanders from the indigenous people in the region in order to save the vulnerable people and to help SNA, AMISOM  and other ally forces to carry out successful operations against Al shabab and supporters from Habar Gidir clan.

We also call for an independent mission to find out the extent of damage and distruction in Lower shabelle region and how the people are starving because Al shabab and Habar Gidir supporters denied all kind of aid to kill the people of the region by stravation. We kindly request to give full support to both by SFG and international support to the people in Somalia in general and to Southwest  and Lowershabele in particular.

By: Abi Ahmed Ismail

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